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Welcome to Boxwood Farm

The Palmer family; owners of Boxwood Farm, have been both involved in the standardbred industry and farmers here in beautiful Monmouth County for five generations. Clayton Palmer and his son, Taylor Palmer Sr. started racing standardbred horses in the early 1900s. Clayton was also part owner of Freehold Raceway for quite some time.


Today's Boxwood began as a cattle farm owned by Taylor Palmer Sr. and Taylor Palmer Jr. in the early 1950s. In 1978, Taylor Palmer Jr. converted the farm to a Standardbred breeding farm.


Today, Taylor Palmer Jr. and his son Taylor "Chuck" Palmer III continue to offer the truly unique expertise of over 30 years of outstanding breeding program.

Built on lush pasture located right outside of Englishtown, Boxwood is in the key location for breeding and foaling. There are five barns including a spacious foaling barn with a fully equipped lab; a large breeding barn with state of the art equipment; and three other barns to meet the needs of all your horses.


Boxwood employs an experienced staff giving careful and attentive 24 hour care. We provide transportation to all breeding farms in the tristate area during breeding season. Along with our 24/7 on call vet, Boxwood truly is "Raising the Standard" in horse care.

At Boxwood, we pride ourselves on raising and preparing yearlings for sale. We understand that a well-groomed, well-mannered horse has increased value to potential buyers. Preparation for the future starts as soon as your foal is born. We will work with you to decide which sale is best for your yearling and take the necessary steps to make sure they are advertised, videoed, handled, and prepared properly.


After sale time, we will gladly take turnouts until it is time for training, or broodmares until it is time for breeding.


If you plan to ship your horses overseas, consider Boxwood. We have long been approved for quarantine shipping. We work closely with the federal vet and transport agents to ensure that your horses have the proper vaccinations, examinations, and testing they will need for safe and timely departure.

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